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Services we offer:


Whats the difference between an 'Ok' rifle, and a 'Great' rifle? Assuming the ammunition is constant, then all it can be is the barrel, the action, or the stock. People replace barrels & stocks, but what about the action? Blueprinting is the solution! If you take a standard Remington 700 rifle that was built on a production line and measure it, you'll find it's different from any other Remington 700 action. The faces won't be completely square, the boltway won't be quite true. All these small dimensional differences add up to make the rifle perform worse than it could. Blueprinting is the process of truing up the action - so all the important dimensions are true to the blueprint (obvious really!). Normally, blueprinting would be done at the same time as an upgrade package to get the best out of the whole rifle. But, as a minimum the action itself is trued and the existing barrel is trued and rechambered. For the ultimate package, blueprinting can be combined with a new bolt that is exactly matched to the action.


We can supply and fit barrels for pretty much anything, to fit with pretty much any budget! Barrels can be made in any (legal!) length required up to 32". Over years of shooting we've settled on a number of different barrel manufacturers that supply barrel blanks of consistently high quality. These include Krieger, PacNor, Border, Archer, Douglas, and Gary Schneider. All our barrels are machined, chambered and finished by ourselves in-house. We also offer a barrel re-profiling and re-chambering service to get the most out of your existing barrels. We have re-profiled a large number of heavy AR15 barrels into more standard H-Bar, or lighter, profiles for practical and service rifle shooters. We have also shortened and rechambered large number of barrels - most usually AR15 types which are then used in 18" SPR, 16" Carbines, or 14.5" M4 conversions.

There are various different types of bedding, but the basic aim is to make your rifle fit your stock exactly. Rifle stocks are made with generous tolerances so that they'll fit every action - which is fine for the manufacturer, but not so good for the rifle. The most common type of bedding is where the action is bedded into the stock and the barrel is left 'free floating' ie no part of the stock touches the barrel. The process involves removing material from the stock and then replacing it with a resin compound that is perfectly moulded to the action. When a bedded rifle is fired, the precise fit of the stock means that the action cannot move within the stock - resulting in better groups on the target.
There's not much point having a rifle built to the highest standard if the trigger is no good, or just doesn't feel right to the owner. Again, we can help! We can supply and fit a variety of triggers to fit an assortment of actions. It doesn't matter if you prefer a single, or a two stage trigger, or if you want an adjustable of fixed trigger - we can supply what you want. From experience we recommend Geissele, Jewell, Accuracy Speaks, Rock River, or CG triggers depending on the application. Typical examples would be replacing the standard military trigger on an AR15 type rifle with a non adjustable Accuracy Speaks (single stage) or a Rock River (two stage) for general use - or a Geissele or Jewell adjustable trigger for competition use.
Barrel Threading   Threading
We can carry out any barrel threading, shortening, or re-crowning required - all in-house on our lathe. We also supply and fit moderators including BR-Tuote, ASE-Utra, or Brugger &Thomet.

AUG Upgrades
The UK spec AUGs arrived in December 2007 after much anticipation. Although they are left hand cocking (which wouldn't be very easy on an AR type rifle) the balance of the bullpup makes it quite easy to operate. The size of the charging handle - and the closeness to the picatinny rail - will eventually catch the unwary AUG user out though, usually ending in blood and pain. Within days of receiving the rifles several had been modified with an extended, drop down, charging handle making operation much easier. Further mods include re-instating the removable barrel feature and fitting flash hiders. Future modifications are planned for the trigger and a full right hand cocking conversion.


AK Upgrades
The UK spec AK's are cheap and reliable - but not particularly user friendly. The cocking handle is a long way forward of the pistol grip making rapid fire quite tricky. To add insult to injury, you also have cases bouncing off your hand while working the action. If you're really unlucky one of those cases will get knocked back into the chamber, jamming the rifle. These problems are solved with our charging handle modification. Using a similar handle to our AR type, the cocking handle is moved back near the firing hand making operating the action much faster. All in all, an essential modification! Don't take our word, see what Pete Moore said in his Shooting Sports magazine article. Link to article PDF.


AR Upgrades
Where to start! The Meccano kit of the rifle world. If it can be done to an AR15 type rifle, we've probably already done it! Barrels from 12" to 26", calibres from .22 to .300 Whisper. Right or left hand conversions. Rail systems. Stocks. Triggers. We could go on, but you're probably getting the idea! Whether you want an AR for foxing, plinking, Highpower, Practical, Service, Gallery, Rimfire - we can build it for you, or modify your existing AR to the specification you desire. Easy really, if you haven't got an AR yet and want one - look at everyone elses and then come to us. If you already have an AR, come to us to get it sorted out!

  Anything Else?
If you have any other requirement, feel free to contact us. We undertake full new rifle builds, full re-builds, custom chamberings in odd calibres, and pretty much anything else anyone's thought of! We can also obtain most parts / optics / mounts etc to order from a variety of sources. Even if we can't help, we can probably point you in the right direction!

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